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Britney Spears' New Single Makes Me Want To Puke

October 16th 2009 22:03
ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just found out that Britney Spears' new single, "3", debuted number one on the Billboard Hot 100. It was the first song not by an "American Idol" to do so since 1998. I haven't heard the song, and have no intention of ever listening to it, but I looked up the lyrics, and they are absolutely horrible in so many ways. I can't even comprehend how so many people could possibly like this song. It was downloaded over 255,000 times in it's first week. This song is about having a threesome. How the hell does anyone fantasize about having sex with a woman that used to look like this:

Britney Spears
I'm pretty sure just thinking about her naked can cause herpes.

What has society come too? Whoever is the most fucked up whore is also the most successful musician? There is so much good music out there; Why? Honestly, I think that the best music ever made has come out in the last 15 years. But virtually none of these incredible bands receive any kind of mainstream popularity or legitimate financial success. I'm literally angry right now. That doesn't happen to me very often.

The part of this song that pisses me off the most is the line in the chorus: "Peter, Paul & Mary Gettin' down with 3P." 3P (according to Urban Dictionary) is Japanese slang for "ménage à trois" / "threesome". Mary just died September 16th from leukemia. And Britney Spears is saying they were "down with" having threesomes with each other. HOW LOW CAN YOU GET?!? And almost as bad is what some asshole put on Peter Paul and Mary's Wikipedia page. "The memory of Peter, Paul and Mary lives on today in the recent release of Britney Spears' single entitled '3.'" ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? Right after saying Mary died you're going to say her memory lives on in Britney's God-awful song. Peter Paul and Mary are some of the greatest singers and songwriters of all time. Britney isn't a songwriter at all, and she's definitely no where near being a good singer. You know what, I think I'm going to create a Wikipedia account and edit that to say "The memory of Peter, Paul and Mary lives on today in their music." I feel I owe it to them for all the amazing songs they've made. There, much better.

Anyway, Britney's song is still absolutely atrocious. And think about this: She has two kids; how messed up are their lives going to be when they grow up? I feel so sorry for them. Their mom clearly has absolutely no sense of responsibility. She's proclaiming to the world that she is extremely promiscuous to say the least.
"If you don't like the company Let's just do it, you and me. You and me... Or three... Or four... - On the floor." How on earth are they supposed to live even marginally normal lives. And how on earth did a judge decide to give her custody over her children again. I can't think of anyone off the top of my head who is more unfit to be a mother than Britney Spears.

Even though I can't stand Perez Hilton, I've gotta give him some props for calling for a boycott of Britney's new album.
Britney, A Fake
He suggests you buy music from Feist instead. Which would be a lot better than buying Britney. I'm going to call for a boycott of her too. Of course, Perez's website gets 550,000 hits a day and I'm lucky if I get sixty. But even though it's pointless, I feel it is my duty. And I guess I'll suggest you buy Yeah Yeah Yeahs--It's Blitz! instead of Britney's garbage.

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Comment by Norm

October 16th 2009 22:37
Over the years, I've come around to pop. In that way I'm like a balloon near a radiator.
Now I'm going to check out It's Blitz, by God.

Comment by Mr. Bean II

October 17th 2009 01:16
Dammit. Someone changed the Wikipedia page back because I "removed information with no explanation." I re-deleted the sentence and gave an explanation this time.

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